Enter Spain

We finally got to our hotel in Seville (as in "The Barber of..." I guess) and, after working out a room mixup problem, started getting settled. I have no idea what our plan is at this point, other than sleep.

I will note, though, that the women seem consistently more attractive than just about anywhere I have ever been. Yes, this is the best I can do right now.

Exuent Sweden

It's a little before 11am local time and I am finishing up my packing. Obviously, the computer is one of the last things to go. We did a wonderful walking tour of some of the really old sections yesterday and I took 100 photos. I downloaded them from the camera, but haven't done anything else with them yet. I think we'll be checking out in a little bit, then killing some time before taking the train back to the airport, at which point we head off for Spain.

Hopefully I'll have some time to post photos once we're checked in to the hotel much later tonight.

Out on the town...

old churchsame old churchsame old churchtourist trapbuildingAfter meeting up with Chris, Sander lead us out into the "old section of the city" which I'm sure has some Swedish name I likely can't pronounce. One of the first buildings we encountered was this old church.

We started walking into the more town-like sections of town and things were clearly focused on the tourist. there are still nice buildings, though.

There's plenty more, but I think I need to go find the others. These and many more of my pictures are being posted in my Flickr set as fast as I can get them off my camera and previewed.

My first thought flying into Zurich...

Zurich airport
Funny, it doesn't look anything like Alpen Geist...

I realize this is a terrible, shot, the countryside I saw out the window on approach to the airport was actually quite nice. I was surprised by the amount of farmland, in fact, it basically all looked like (snow-covered) fields except where broken up by hills and small towns.

Time is of the essence...

I only have a couple minutes as I am meeting folks in the lobby to walk (back) over to a Mongolian BBQ place for a large group dinner. I did, however, manage to take a bunch of photos in the old part of town that should hopefully be really cool. I'm looking forward to going over them and picking out the things I didn't see when I initially took the pics.

Back later!

Major preparations completed...

I'm sitting here guzzling strawberry milk, because I needed to find some way to finish up the remaining milk before leaving and I had this old packet of strawberry flavored "Instant Breakfast" in the pantry, so... Yeah, there's a reason that packet has been sitting there for four years...

The packing is done and it's pretty tight. My hope was to do it all without needing to check any baggage and I think I've managed that. I'll be leaving here in about 45 minutes and heading over to my father's to get a ride to the airport.

People keep assuming I'm excited, but all I can think about now is all the stress and complexity of checking in at the airport and going through security and then waiting for boarding (why is waiting so stressful?) and then the actual flight and having to deal with the connecting flight and... Obviously I'm thinking too much, but it's a lot to think about! I'm also tired and that's just going to make it tougher to think clearly and keep a positive attitude. Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly! *chug*

Seriously, strawberry milk should be banned under some sweeping international accord.

I expect my next communication won't be until I get somewhere with public 'net access. Maybe I'll have a picture by then?

Inline replies!

As I skimmed consciousness this morning a vision came to me... "Sam... it's really this easy to do inline replies..." After a couple hours of brow-furrowing work I have managed to get inline response forms working.

Basically, when you hit the reply link on an existing comment, a reply form will magically materialize from the ether. This would seem a lot better than taking you to an entirely new page with no context as to what you are replying to.

I'm weird about photos...

Not in that I avoid photos taken of me (though there's a fair bit of that too), but I'm weird about taking photos. Take, for example, an event like Dragon*Con in which people commonly pose for people to take pictures. I feel weird about this. I actually look for opportunities to take pictures when people aren't posing so I don't feel like I am imposing or being weirdly voyeuristic. And yes, I absolutely realize that a picture taken unawares is much more voyeuristic than a picture for which someone poses. I can't explain the feeling, it's just strange to me.

So now there's this trip during which I should take hundreds of millions of photos and I really want to. I always tell myself I'll be taking tons of photos and I'll capture every angle and all the beauty and then I'm there and I'm really just not feeling it. Sometimes I'll break out the camera for a sort of, pity shot, like I really wanted to do the scenery or the architecture or the colorful people justice, but I lost my nerve, so this is the best I can do. It's lame.

Any suggestions on getting over this freakish approach to photography?

Is it the bird?

Apparently, my normal life looks like a Poe novel. I guess I should be glad it doesn't look like a Lovecraft novel, though, it would be pretty frickin cool to see giant tentacles descending from a swirling bank of thunderclouds as lightning stabs down to scar the tormented landscape...

But you know, I've got the bird there, so that's cool...


I was really hoping to write something inspiring and exciting and motivational, but it's late and I'm pretty tired. I meant to deploy all this much earlier in the evening, but I had trouble getting that to work and then I had more problems just registering my own account (and I really hope you all don't have the same issues) and then I found other issues and... well, it's all good now, right?

People have been asking me if I am excited. I assume about the trip and then I say "About what?" and they say "About the trip, silly goose!" (except no one really says "silly goose" anymore, I made that part up). I kind of shrug, "Sure, you know, I'm getting there...," but really, I've had so much on my mind these last few weeks that I've barely had time to think about what's coming up on this trip. Now that things are drawing closer, though, I have started to think about it and I am getting excited. A bit.

I saw the movie "Push" yesterday and it takes place in Hong Kong. Not even the fancy parts of Hong Kong, but the streets and crowded markets and apartments and restaurants. I recognize it all, but it's still so different. I'm sure to the people there it's their everyday ordinary lives, but I think of the smells and the sounds and the tastes and that giddy feeling of being somewhere completely away from where I am normally and I feel excited.

I have no clue what to expect from this journey through Europe, but I think from now on, when someone asks if I'm excited, I'm going to say "Hells yes!"