FOX Ends Dollhouse Somewhat Prematurely

As if it's any surprise at all, FOX has decided not to air the Dollhouse finale. To be clear, the episode they will be airing as final is the ending Joss had wanted with closure, but not a true ending to the whole thing. Plus, the final episode features both Felicia Day and Alan Tudyk.

Seriously, FOX can fucking taste it.

Big Huge Games not so much big or huge these days...

Found an article on Blues talking about the recent trouble Big Huge Games has been going through. THQ acquired BHG about a year ago, and now they're looking to sell or shut the studio down. BHG is mostly known for it's Rise of Nations games, but it also recently did the Settlers of Catan conversion. called Catan, for XBLA.

This is mostly a "how the mighty have fallen" type post. I visited the BHG studio several years ago for an IGDA meeting and found the place to be really nice. Everyone had an office and there were real wood accents everywhere. There were Razor scooters all over the place and a really nice common area where folks could play console games. It was a really nice set up. So, it's sad to see a formerly successful studio fall on hard times, but it seems to be more and more common these days. Good luck guys!

A new Buffy movie? Is this even possible?

I saw on io9 that Sarah Michelle Gellar is ready to do a new Buffy project.

Of course, Joss would have to be attached to it for me to even consider it a true Buffy project, but were that to happen, then hells yeah!

/me is not getting his hopes up.

Star Trek gets an ovation, that is standing...

It sounds like things are looking good for the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie.

I'm excited. See, this is me excited. :|

Captain Obvious says: "Caffeine withdrawal is REAL!"

The article's actual title doesn't state this, but the headline in the sidebar did and instantly gave me that "this was a mystery?" look of confusion on my face. No one was here to see it. Everyone loses. But srsly, are people not aware of this? The nervousness, depression, massive headaches... people weren't attributing that to caffeine withdrawal? Well folks, now you know. Thank you CNN.

On a personal note, I pretty much gave up caffeine maybe eight years ago, or so. I don't even remember anymore. Mostly because the withdrawal was hitting me too hard and too frequently. I figured since I don't really NEED the caffeine there's really no loss in cutting it out of my diet. So basically, only decaf coffee and tea and no caffeinated beverages. The only exceptions I make are for chocolate (both solid and hot), but those are very small amounts by comparison and I've never felt any reaction from consuming chocolate.

In other news, sugar makes kids hyper. It's TRUE!


AdventurelandA warm hearted feel-good R-rated summer romantic comedy featuring young people (well, early 20's) drinking, smoking lots of weed, and trying to enjoy the worst summer job ever. It was excellent. The plot was predictable, but I never cared, I just wanted to watch these interesting characters doing things.

So here's my gripe about this movie and other movies like it. You've got this intelligent, kind of awkward nerdy guy who clearly isn't so great with the ladies, and yet... Really attractive edgy girl mysteriously falls for him. I love watching those sorts of things happen because it makes me believe it's possible, but it's kind of like believing in Santa Claus (sorry kids)... This shit just doesn't happen.


Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine CleaningThere really isn't much to reveal about this movie, if you've seen the trailer you pretty much know what to expect. That's not really as bad as it sounds. This movie isn't about plot, it's about characters. It's about how life and death impacts these characters and how cope and keep pushing forward. It's not deep in the existential sense, but there is depth. It's not especially sad or happy. Sunshine Cleaning actually manages to walk a very thin line balanced between all of these extremes thanks to some wonderful acting and some fantastic writing. I also really liked the music, which wasn't your typical theatrical scoring, but smaller and more about acoustic guitar that really matched the emotional themes in ways most scores never dream of.

The only real disappointing part happened in the restroom after the movie in which I overheard two older guys talking about the movie. One days "Well that was a waste of a couple hours!" and the other says "But at least Amy Adams was pleasant to look at." Which was at least 50% true, but made me sad that they missed out on so much more. That's okay, I'll take their portion gladly.


The Bestest Flash Mob EVAR

At least, so far to date... There are all sorts of Flash Mob events these days. I thought one of the coolest was the great freeze in Grand Central Station. That is, until Susan passed on the most awesomest Do-Re-Mi flash mob ever conceived!

My list of thoughts on the subject:
A) Why are flash-mobs so frickin awesome?!
B) Techno Sound of Music is AWESOME!
C) Can you imagine what rehearsals for this must have been like?
D) I couldn't stop grinning all the way through, how AWESOME!
E) On the downside, not a song I want stuck in my head all day...

The Highwayman

On my drive home this evening I had this crazy random thought about semi-trucks and wondered why they don't make them sleeker, you know, like from that '80s series "The Highwayman?" Which inspired me to actually look up some information on this series to see if I am remembering it correctly. Obviously I dug up the Wikipedia article, but I also found the fantastically '80s intro for the show, plus some footage of the truck and the transformation from truck to helicopter. Wow.

After reading more about it, the cast is actually pretty interesting. It stars Sam Jones who starred as Flash in "Flash Gordon," Claudia Christian who was Ivanova in Babylon 5, Jane Badler who was in the series V, and Tim Russ who was Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager (who I just found out, was born in Washington DC). And don't forget the narration by William Conrad who voiced Marshal Matt Dillon in the old radio series Gunsmoke. Alright, I know that because I listen to NPR on Sunday nights...

It's always fun looking back at old TV programs and movies to discover actors you never thought about at the time have been a part of some of your favorite films and movies since.

Andy Hallett :~(

Apparently, Andy Hallett, better known as Lorne in Joss Whedon's Angel, passed away Sunday night after a long battle with heart disease.

I think it was my first visit to Dragon*Con that I saw Andy talking about his time on Angel (while the show was still going on). He was funny and witty and had a really amazing singing voice and just seemed like a really cool person. Also scary that Andy was only 33. Sad indeed.