About Me and My Normal Life

Welcome to my normal life. I am a 30-something web developer living in the metro Washington D.C. area. That's pretty much the extent of the boring life details. The less boring details of my life are thus to be collected within the digital pages of this here journal. Sort of.

Know that this site is my sandbox. It is here I will come to play with new ideas in web development. A new way of styling an element, or an interesting jQuery plugin I came across... Though the content should remain relatively intact, the frame through which it is observed and the buttons and knobs by which you interact with it might and likely will change over time. You may call it experimentation or learnings or boredom... I prefer to call it "Steve."

My hearty thanks go out to those who have helped and contributed to this project, many of whom probably have no idea that their names are being attatched to this project and will probably howl in eternal torment when at last they do discover their attribution. So here they are:

  • Jan Blacka for her stupendous design expertise and assistance.
  • My friends and family for their support and encouragement and also for telling the Oscar committee that I am awesome enough to win even though I don't make movies.
  • My Dutchish friend Sander for providing the indirect motivation for this site along with some pretty genius advice that I sometimes choose to ignore.
  • CakePHP and jQuery. Thou art awesome.
  • Mark James (he doesn't know me) for his Silk icon set

Finally, I should explain how things work here. In order to comment on any articles you must be registered. Users in the registered group will have their comments moderated (they won't be visible to other users until they have been approved). In order to become a member you must find an existing member who will vouch for you. By vouching for another user that member is acknowledging she knows and trusts you to be a decent participant in this community. You may send questions or comments to me at the address immediately following this message. Right... Here: normally@mynormallife.com