Are you still reviewing movies?

Yes and no. I do still go to the movies, but I got tired of coming up with new and interesting ways to describe my feelings about the blockbuster movie of the week. However, if you enjoyed the sorts of reviews I do here, well then, do I have a treat for you! Because yes, I do still review movies, but now, in audio format! My buddy Bryan and I review under-the-radar movies we find on various streaming services and bring it to you as a weekly podcast called Streaming Nonsense. It's actually not new, we're coming up on two years. Listen to us discuss the good, the bad, and the bizarre that we found hidden in the darkest corners of the streaming video galaxy.

While we're on the subject of podcasts, you can also listen to Bryan, Dav, and I dig into one of my personal favorite movies, Scott Pilgrim vs The World one minute at a time in a show we like to call (and in fact did name) Scott Pilgrim vs The Minute. We had a TON of fun talking through this movie and discovered all sorts of fun easter eggs and trivia nuggets, and maybe learned a little about ourselves in the process.

Both of those pages link to our various Facebook pages and Twitters and emails in the event you find something worth commenting about or just want to say hi.