The Big Sick

The Big Sick ticketstubThis movie follows the beginnings of the relationship between stand-up comic Kumail, and graduate student Emily. Over several weeks, the relationship develops, but it comes out that Kumail, a Pakistani, has not told his parents that he's dating a white woman for fear that his family will disown him. Shortly after this argument, Emily gets sick and is very quickly put into a medically induced coma.

This could have been a typical romantic comedy, but to me, The Big Sick feels fresh and challenges the audience to consider how cultural differences can impact a relationship, and the importance of understanding and communicating. We're also dealing with the role of parents, how valuable they are to us, but also the importance of recognizing when you need to put your own happiness before theirs.

I have been listening to Kumail and Emily on podcasts for years, and I have heard Emily explain the real life story from her perspective and it's all very moving and relevant, I think. Seeing Kumail's perspective, both as a man trying to navigate his familial relationships and his love for Emily, all mixed in with his clever observations as a comic helped to give this movie a fresh feel. It was funny and moving and I had feelings...and lots of tears, and it felt wonderful. If you like romantic comedies (and modern trends in comedy), I think you will really love this movie. If you just like good movies with lots to make you feel things, then I also think you'll enjoy this.