Baby Driver

Baby Driver ticketstubThis movie felt like the heists (and the escapes gone wrong) from the Payday games with the drama and police chase hi-jinks of the GTA games. Kevin Spacey is the sort of over-the-top fixer you would expect to see in a video game. Jamie Foxx is an over-the-top bank heist addict. Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzales are in it for the thrill and the lifestyle. And Ansel Elgort's "Baby" is just in it to get out. It's a fun cast that, from the very beginning, you know is a bomb waiting to go off. Everything here is about to go horribly wrong, so let's sit back and wait for the shit to get sucked into the fan. As you would expect from a movie about a getaway driver, the movie is chock full of intense car chases, and it feels amazing. What you get here are chases that feel realistic, more or less, not the insanity you would get from a Fast and Furious movie. The crime story is enhanced by a bit of romantic cuteness that feels way too neat and tidy for my taste, but it's sufficient as a motivator for Baby to keep us wanting to see how it turns out. There's also the music that runs through the entire movie. I'll admit, this music is not the sort that interests me, in fact, there was no song in the entire movie that was of a genre I'd be into, but it all worked beautifully and absolutely enhanced the rhythm of everything that was happening on screen. Overall, this was a really great ride filled with thrills, romance, and a great soundtrack.