Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ticketstubIf you had any concerns this Pirates movie might reproduce the complex multi-plot structure of the third movie, have no fear, Dead Men Tell No Tales keeps it simple. There's only one main story thread here, though it does take several steps and jogs and jukes to get to the eventual destination, it is at least not too difficult to follow. Though, I will point out that, given all these steps, there were a few cases where I forgot where we were on the journey and why. It's not terrible, you're still enjoying the trip, but it's not always apparent why this particular action sequence needs to happen. As with the other Pirates movies, the effects are excellent, though a little gross (the undead sharks in particular). If you're looking for a fun adventure and this is what's showing, I'd say there's no harm in checking it out, but don't expect a movie that's going to stick with you.