Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman ticketstubWonder Woman gives us the origin story of the powerful Amazon super hero of the DC Universe, showing her leaving her hidden island paradise and heading into the Front in World War I Europe to save the innocents and stop the most evilest god of war, Ares. Personally, I wasn't really familiar with Wonder Woman's origin story. I had seen the television show in the way-back, but I don't recall any details beyond that she has a Lasso of Truth and wears a very patriotic looking bathing suit. The Diana portrayed in this movie is smart and idealistic, but also naive with regard to the modern world or even the nuances of human behavior... and about men (having grown up on an island populated only with woman and ancient documents). So Diana's innocence is the source of several jokes as she is first exposed to London in the early 1900s. This all works pretty well and lasts just long enough to get Diana the basics she needs to orient herself before heading out to the Front.

I don't really buy into the suggestion that Ares is personally responsible and involved with every war that happens and that killing him would suddenly end all violence, and the same issue is raised in the movie, people are complicated and sometimes they do bad things. This issue in particular lacks the nuance and complexity it deserves, but is probably just right for where this movie lives on the action vs reality scale. Obviously, two powerful beings engaging in what feels like an epic video game boss-fight isn't the most realistic thing to present, and therefor accepts the comic books setting it exists in.

So did I enjoy it? Absolutely. Was it well made? Yeah, pretty much. Does it get me excited for a Justice League movie? Yup! Is Wonder Woman my new favorite DC Universe character? Signs point to yes.