The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious ticketstubI think by now we all know what we're getting into with a Fast and Furious movie, and this entry into the series does not disappoint. Once again, the big bad is the mysterious Cipher, who forces Dom to work for her. On the other side, Dom's team is working to stop Cipher and repeatedly comes up against Dom. While not particularly original, it ends up being an engaging enough plot device. As usual, there's the usual assortment of vehicles and gadgets, and an extra large dose of hacking and movie hacker terms. In fact, what really stood out to me was how pervasive the hacking themes are in this movie. It was a big enough deal in the other recent movies, but it seems like it's half of this one. Overall, it's a big fun movie that gives you the usual angles on family and something new when it comes to the horrors of a world where nearly anything can be hacked. Kick back and enjoy not having to think too much.