Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant ticketstubAt least I can say this movie isn't Prometheus. While Prometheus wanted to be deep and philosophical, Covenant wants to gross you out and make you uncomfortable, and I think this is to its benefit in the sense that this keeps it really simple.

The Covenant is a colony ship that stops to check out an Earth-like planet that may be better than the planet they were heading for. This also happens to be the planet that the synthetic David landed the ship from Prometheus on. I'll skip the rest of the details, but suffice to say, it gets creepy. A day later and I am still kind of disturbed by the turns this movie took. Once again, the spacecraft and the sense of function they project is my favorite part of the movie. The characters are kind of meh... Like Prometheus, most of the crew of 15 dies off before you even know their names. The rest that make it through more than half the movie don't give me much reason to care. The significant factor that was introduced with this movie is that they are all couples, so we get the sting of spouses dying, and that has impact, but again, because we don't know these characters for long, the impact is limited.

Another issue I have with Covenant is that it fails to reproduce the cat and mouse game we get in Alien, Aliens and even the following two or three movies. This adventure doesn't seem epic and if not for the fact that we're dealing with a colony ship carrying thousands of colonists, would have significantly less weight to it. It's an enjoyable movie, but still lacking the magic of the earlier entries in the series.