Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ticketstubThere's an enormous amount of animated history behind Ghost in the Shell and it should be clear there's no way for any new live action movie to live up to the established canon. What surprised me is how well this movie does next to everything that's come before it. The look of the film matches the animated versions in precise detail. So much attention to detail can be seen in every single shot. And, of course, they were careful to include many of the iconic scenes like the Major dropping off the skyscraper and crashing through the window (as seen in the trailer), and the climactic fight with the spider tank. The story avoided the philosophical questions the series is known for, but I also never really understand the intricacies of what those ideas were in the animated series and movies, so in a way, a simpler story is a bit of a treat. I can enjoy the visuals and the action and a more character driven story without worrying that I'm missing out on all big ideas the story is trying to present.

If you like action science fiction movies, I think you will really enjoy Ghost in the Shell. If you are a fan of GitS, I think you'll be able to appreciate the visuals and maybe just try not to let the story and unnecessarily high number of non-asian casting choices get in the way too much?