Logan ticketstubLet's be clear, this is not a happy fun X-Men movie. It's about aging and loss and loneliness and guilt. Logan is complicated and he's had a long sad life only briefly punctuated by friendship and love, and he's lost all of that several times over. Now, facing the end, Logan finds a cause, and only barely the will to deal with it. This movie feels long and has pacing issues, but the acting is good and the writing works well and the subject matter feels sufficiently weighty. What actually bugs me about it is not a problem with the production, it's that this is effectively the end of the X-Men. We are watching the final moments of that story and it makes me sad. Because of this, it has a very different tone then all of the other movies and that's not bad, it's just different. Be aware, this is an R rated movie with quite a lot of graphic violence and language. I actually really enjoyed the transition into an adult super hero movie, just not a movie for the young children.