Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ticketstubReturning to the story started by the first Resident Evil movie, The Final Chapter opens with a ten minute retconning sequence catching the viewer up on everything that's happened up till now, starting now. There's actually more backstory here than we ever got in any previous movie, which is nice, but it starts exposing nagging plot holes that grow to monstrous proportions by the movie's conclusion.

TFC picks up at the end of the previous movie as Alice scavenges the wastes of Washington D.C. The Red Queen tells Alice she has 48 hours to save humanity, and the crazy artificial countdown to doomsday begins ticking. This little bit of story and a couple mysteries that I guess need answering are the scaffold around which a breathless stream of action sequences play out. The action isn't bad if you can tolerate the over-the-top sort of fighting we've come to expect from RE movies. I found it loud and the jump-cut editing made it difficult for me to follow what was happening. The unstoppable evil commander from several previous movies, Wesker, had a relatively small and inconsequential part in this movie simply relaying commands from the actual evil leader to the Red Queen. "Lock down the Hive!" he tells her... three times.

In the end, the resolution of the series was fine and this movie at least had a story that tried to get back to where the series started (even if bears little resemblance to the source material), but I found the previously mentioned plot holes to be too distracting for me to buy into what they were trying to sell me.