John Wick Chapter 2

John Wick Chapter 2 ticketstubWhere John Wick 2 lacks the mild emotional punch of the original movie, it pushes far beyond in assassin mastercraftery. I know that's not a word, but this movie has earned some inventive language. The sequel, which picks up shortly after the end of the first film (I'm still not quite sure how long it's been, a couple months maybe?), shows Wick back in his comfy place, plotting and executing a precise assassination that, unfortunately, doesn't go according to plan, but that's to the audience's benefit. Wick is a goddamned unstoppable force of nature and he is a sight to behold when he's working. The brilliantly choreographed fight sequences are a delight and then we get more of Wick reaping bloody revenge on those that wronged him. Again. It's fun, not very deep with a paper-thin plot, but I came out of it thrilled and excited for whatever comes in chapter 3.