Star Wars The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi ticketstubEpisode VIII is fun, but it feels very long and had possibly two endings too many. We get a lot with Rey and Luke, Finn and a new character, Rose, there's Leia, and Rylo, and Snoke... so like most Star Wars movies, there are several plots happening simultaneously, and that leads to my biggest complaint with the movie, the timeline. While Rey spends at least a week training with Luke, Finn and Rose and the others in the Rebel fleet are engaged in a battle and run off on a mission that lasts approximately five hours. I know this isn't new, it also happens in Empire Strikes Back, but I suppose my standards for this sort of time distortion are higher now.

The space stuff is always my favorite, and there is a lot of it in this movie. As with most Star Wars movies, this one opens with a pretty epic space battle that introduces some questionable physics (how do you drop bombs in space?) but it is cool, so I can (try) to let it go.

Another concern I have with this entire trilogy (so far) is the fetishistic attention on the big questions and mysteries of the series. Everyone is so obsessed with getting the big questions answered that it seems to have overtaken the actual enjoyment in basically mindless action set pieces, adventure, and fun characters.

This second movie in this trilogy ends in an interesting way that, I expect, sets up for a really interesting conclusion to the series (or trilogy, at least). I am still looking forward to it, despite my complaints.