Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3 ticketstubThe Bellas are back, again, for the last time, first blood, the revenge! The Pitch Perfect formula is carried into the third movie, but by this time, has been diluted by a lack of the compelling ingredients of the first movie and returning to the well-trod ground of the first two. The funny moments are still funny, but not at all surprising or original feeling. It's just comfortable and fun, and that's not a bad thing. The music is still good, but again, we know what to expect. While there is talk of a competition, the stakes are lower and not as much of an ending so much as a mechanic to get to the ending. We also get a lot of the Fat Amy character, and she is hilarious and possibly the best character to come out of this series, but I prefer more evenly spread attention across the entire ensemble.

It's a fun movie, and it brings the series to a pleasing end, but it definitely doesn't stand out.