The Foreigner

The Foreigner ticketstubA summary of this movie reads a lot like Taken, a man with a past as a trained operative goes on a revenge mission against those who took his daughter from him. One of the main differences in this movie, though, are the political impacts and dealings happening parallel to Quan's search for the names of those responsible. Bronson is the Irish politician with an IRA past who Quan, played by Jackie Chan, threatens to get the names of the bombers. Both do an amazing job, but I think most notable is Chan in a dramatic role in a Western movie. There isn't a moment of comedy or camp anywhere to be seen. Just grief, and drive to find those responsible, and it's almost chilling. I would say the only thing that bugged me is the difference between the slow moving old man we see in the beginning of the movie, and the trained fighter we see later. Are we supposed to believe that Quan has kept up his training and works out regularly, but no one knows he's got skills? And I wasn't clear if he was an agent of the United States or just known by the US. I guess what I'm saying is that I wasn't entirely sold by Quan's background, but the movie was still good. Tense. Maybe a little too much watching people talking on phones. If you're looking to scratch a "serious action movie" itch, I think this would work for you.