Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ticketstubMuch of what I expect is conversation-worthy about this movie comes from the major plot points and twists, so I won't be discussing those. What I can say, is that this movie is very pretty, very visual, designed in a way to make it all feel real and lived in. You can see the evolution from where we are now with technology, to the technologies presented in the movie... well, most of them. We haven't quite figured out synthetic organisms on the scale of cats and dogs and humans. The score also felt like an evolution from the synthesizers of the original movie to the synth mixed with the heavy rumbles found in many modern films. The action scenes felt familiar, brutal, like every fight is a desperate struggle for survival, which made for some very intense sequences. Again, taking cues from the original movie, 2049 gives the viewer plenty of room to breathe and take in the scenery. Long slow shots that give you time to live in this world, to imagine yourself walking down that street, or flying over the city. It's very effective for immersion and pacing. I would say I liked the movie, it worked really well and it very much felt like it followed from the original movie. I'm just not sure I loved it, and I can't quite tell you why.