Lady Bird

Lady Bird ticketstubThis seems like the sort of movie I would like, a teenager dealing with life and love and growing up, I'm into it and I'd heard good things about it. I believe it takes place around 2003 over the course of a year in the life of Christine, who wants everyone to call her "Lady Bird." This is her thing. She wants to be her own person who stands out from the crowd, while also, trying to fit into a crowd. She also desperately doesn't want to stay in California for college, so that's her big motivation, find a way to get out of Sacramento and out to the east coast. She has relationships, she tries theater and she lies. She lies a lot. About everything. This is also a movie about Lady Bird's relationship with her mother, and this is one of those things that bugs me, not about the movie, but about this sort of familial relationship. When parents aren't proud of their kids for anything, when there isn't praise, or love expressed. It's all about how the kid isn't good enough, is going to fail, needs to set their expectations low... but it's also a very real relationship, and certainly difficult for a young person to navigate while trying to discover their own selves.

The movie does all of these things well. The acting is wonderful, the music brings me back to that time, it's well shot, it's funny, I think my biggest disappointment is that it didn't move me. It may just be me, I certainly heard sniffles and sighs around me in the theater, and maybe the mother daughter relationship is the experience I'm missing. So it's a good movie, but maybe not as much a movie for me as I was hoping.