Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ticketstubIn case anyone was wondering what Thor (and Hulk) were up to during the events of Captain America: Civil War well, here you go. Asgard is threatened by the powerful Hela, and Thor must form alliances to defend his home. What stands out to me most is that the stakes in this movie are relatively high, the destruction of all Asgardians and potentially, the loss of the other nine worlds and more, but this is actually a very light-hearted movie filled with genuinely funny scenes. Lots of jokes and sick-burns and sight-gags and physical comedy (which I don't normally like, but works pretty well here). So understand, this is a fun movie with great action sequences and very little emotion and pretty much nothing dark. There are actually situations that, I think, are meant to be dark, but the comedic tone everywhere else overpowers those darker scenes and dilutes their effectiveness. I think I was too busy laughing to mourn the loss of the seriousness this movie might have had. So that's it really. Thor is a lot of fun, go check it out for that, and maybe to fill in some more of the Marvel Universe goings-ons.