Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed ticketstubIntensely intense intensity! This movie is working so hard at being serious and heavy and intense that it feels like it's in the way of itself. I would not call the Assassin's Creed franchise light-hearted by any stretch of the imagination, but these are games and there's a fair bit of unreality built into them. This movie, though, is just so into itself with long stares and intensely spoken dialog, none of the characters felt real to me. There was no... humanity... anywhere to be seen, even though the plot is to save humanity's free will. And speaking of free will, we're told several times that those are the stakes, but there's no demonstration of those stakes anywhere. No scene showing a test of this power or a suggestion of how this would affect large populations. Just intense talk about how, if we take away free will, there won't be any violence. This spoken by a member of an intensely violent Illuminati-like organization. So there's never a concrete sense of what the stakes are in all this. We've got Michael Fassbender doing some Assassin's Creed style assassinating, and that's fun to watch, but all this stuff that kind of works in a video game that isn't real, doesn't seem to work quite as well in a movie that isn't real. When people start doing some of the super-human moves that work in the games, but in the real world, the need for wires or CG becomes apparent and that kind of pushed me out the movie a bit. By the end of the movie, the action picks up, but I've already lost track of what's going on. There are *gasp* reveals, but because of people's accents and the action going on all around, I don't quite follow what those reveals are.

I understand all we really want out of an Assassin's Creed movie are some sick fights and rooftop chases, and we certainly get some of that in this movie, but the story seemed flimsy and the intensity of the acting and dialog didn't match the mostly abstract gravity of the plot.