Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ticketstubJason Bourne is roused from hiding when he's presented with evidence that he was manipulated into joining the Treadstone project all those years ago. This movie feels a bit different from the others, it's simpler, less entangled, fewer mysteries and less focused on Bourne. Yes, we do see Bourne traveling around, but he barely interacts with anyone and really doesn't have very much to say. The focus is, instead, on the CIA folks who are tracking Bourne or are afraid he's coming for them. I did enjoy parts of the movie, but because the viewer isn't connected to Bourne and the story isn't as focused on him, I felt less invested in what was happening in the characters. I miss the first movie when Bourne is protecting an innocent from the horrors of the spy world. This movie was also a way to wipe the board clean of some characters who have been around for several movies and set the board up for new characters. In that respect, I think there's promise, but I'm afraid I'm just going to miss the game we used to have going.