Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond ticketstubThe Enterprise enters an uncharted nebula in search of a downed alien ship and is promptly destroyed, scattering the crew across the planet at the heart of the nebula. Why is the evil Krall attacking ships and what does he need from the Enterprise crew? Mysteries! Science! Bonding! Jokes! Star Trek Beyond has it all! Sort of. It is certainly an entertaining ride, but it somehow feels small... and that's not a bad thing, it's actually nice to get away from the ever increasing epic-ness required by every sequel over the one before, but in this case, the story and character development feel thin even for an episode of a TV show. A lot of time is spent on huge action sequences filled with quick cuts that make following the action difficult at times. Overall, a fun, and lighter movie than previous iterations; I have no idea what the "Beyond" in the title refers to.