Ghostbusters ticketstubIt seemed like there was a lot of confusion around whether this movie would pick up the Ghostbusters franchise or reboot it, and this is definitely a reboot. This is a New York City that has not seen previous large scale paranormal activity. The story in this movie isn't all that spectacular, a guy who's been bullied and picked on his whole life decides to bring about the apocalypse to get back at the world, but I would say that's a bit of a B plot next to the main plot that gives us these four ladies who come together to solve problems, kick-ass, and build friendships.

Here's the tough spot this movie has put itself in, it does pretty well standing on its own without any comparisons to the original movie, but, this movie is filled with fan-service call-backs to the original, so it's real tough to ignore the comparisons. If they had left those references out, people would accuse them of pretending the original didn't exist, and if they have the references, people will inevitably compare them. Maybe just enjoy it for what it is and have fun with the call-backs?

The joke writing is much more modern and of-the-times. Joke delivery is what we've come to expect from these actors, so nothing new there, but they are absolutely good at what they do. I laughed throughout and several times out loud, it felt good. Effects are what you would expect from a modern movie. Music contained about five variations on the Ghostbusters theme. I'm a little confused by some of the ghost characters that looked almost exactly like Jack Skellington and Mr. Boogey from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The movie was, I would say, very family friendly. I don't think there are any swear words and any sexual references are adequately disguised. When you go, stay through the entire credits, there's fun scenes throughout and a teaser for the story to come at the very end.