Warcraft movieI expect most are familiar with the now well known Warcraft series of RTS games and the MMO, or have at least heard the name somewhere. I played the MMO briefly, but clearly not enough to understand the background and lore this movie is constantly namedropping references to. That said, I don't think it matters much. I enjoyed the movie as a classic fantasy adventure with a story that generally worked and characters I almost kind of cared about. I have read reviews complaining that the story jumps around and is difficult to follow, but I didn't have much trouble understanding what was going on. I am probably missing out by not knowing the characters and lore and I don't get the "squees" from seeing a well known location from the games on screen, but I still enjoyed it well enough.

The acting was alright, script was mostly passable, visuals were pretty great and the violence was much more graphic than I was expecting. Overall, I'd say it was a fun fantasy romp. Keep your expectations low and keep soaring (on griffons) for the clouds.