The Wailing

The Wailing ticketstubThere have been some gruesome murders in a small South Korean village and a small-town policeman is on the job! Except he's incompetent and a coward and as the body count increases, it becomes more clear the cause is supernatural. The murderer in each case becomes afflicted with a sickness that causes boils and eventually madness, and now the policeman's young daughter has been affected. As the story (slowly) develops over 2.5 hours, multiple causes for the affliction are presented. There are several misdirections, but if you mentally walk back through the events, you can see how it all fits together. However, I may be missing the cultural undertones of this film. One of the potential evil characters is an older Japanese man who is demonized by the villagers. I get the impression there's some rather intense dislike/distrust of the Japanese, but that's beyond my experience.

The acting was great and typically over-the-top for these sorts of movies. There is some humor (mostly early on), some really beautiful shots of the landscape, lots of graphic crime scenes, a fair bit of misogyny, and a plot that will leave you feeling overly manipulated. I liked the movie, but the slow pacing and lack of cultural background left me bored for most of it and lacking in context needed to fully understand everything.