Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War ticketstubAfter the destruction resulting from the Avengers battles with various threats, the individual members of the Avengers are struggling to deal with the consequences of those battles. Tony Stark thinks the Avengers should be controlled by the UN, Captain America thinks the Avengers need to be independent. Now fight!

And so they do... We got lots of extremely well choreographed and lengthy fight sequences that are great fun to watch. There's other stuff going on, but it all gets lost between these fight sequences. This movie is about two and a half hours long and it FEELS long because there are so many battles. This is that time in a big action movie where I kind of wish there were more plot development. My other issue with this movie has to do with the basis for the conflict. People all over the world blame the Avengers for the people killed in New York, DC, and Sokovia, but what never gets mentioned is the alien invasion in New York, or the Hydra infiltration in DC, or the thousands of Ultron robots at Sokovia. The Avengers didn't create the chaos, they did everything in their power to stop it. Holding them responsible for what happened strikes me as insane. Vision even makes the argument that the mere presence of the Avengers (enhances people), generates more threats, but I don't buy the argument that the Avengers create the threats, it's more likely enhanced (and highly trained people) rise to combat the threats. The more threats there are, the more people rise to help. I understand people want to blame someone, but you don't blame the people who are protecting you. So if the source of all the conflict implodes, everything that comes after vaporizes and you're left without any plot at all. It's a fun movie to watch, but I couldn't buy any of it for a second. Note that there are two post-ending scenes, one mid-credits and one after the credits.