Money Monster

Money Monster ticketstubThe trailer for this movie will tell you all you need to know. George Clooney's kinda scummy character hosts a financial news show, Julia Roberts plays the show's director, and a man who has lost everything in an investment that Clooney's character recommended, takes the studio hostage in order to get answers. From beginning to end, this is a gripping story filled with very sincere, sympathetic, real feeling characters (except maybe for the very scummy CEO of the company that lost the money).

I really didn't have any issues with this movie. It moves fast, it's intense, and the characters feel multi-dimensional. Perhaps the only minor issue is that the film obviously plays on our cynicism toward the financial industry, but that is a real thing. We are suspicious, and we have good reasons to be suspicious. So maybe not such a big leap. If you think you'd be up for an intense ride, I'd say go for it.