Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry ticketstubHenry wakes up to find he's a cyborg with no memories and without the ability to speak. His wife is kidnapped by a telekinetic man who wants to take over the world. Henry is then prompted, kind of video game style, through a series of quests in order to rescue his wife. If you haven't seen the trailer, I should also point out that the entire movie is filmed from Harry's perspective, whether it's running, shooting, falling, parkour... everything. Though I've heard people reject the idea of seeing this movie because they fear getting motion sickness, I didn't feel that at all. However, I do play a lot of games that use this same perspective, so I certainly can't say for sure no one else will feel sick.

The movie is filled, from end to end, with graphic brutal bloody violence that often feels over-the-top in a video game way. It works. There are a few subtle funny moments and then the overt funny moments that come mostly from Charlto Copley who plays the role of other cyborgs helping Henry and giving him his mission objectives. I have to say, this movie felt most like the game Dying Light without the zombies (though it does kind of have zombies toward the end), mostly for it's mix of gunplay and parkour. It's solid fun wrapped up in a package we really haven't seen (to this extent) in a movie before. If you're okay with the violence and not worried about getting motion sickness, I would definitely recommend Hardcore Henry.