Criminal ticketstubHere it is, I found it, a movie where Ryan Reynolds isn't making jokes. At least for the ten or so minutes that he's on screen (not counting photographs). After that, it's mostly Kevin Costner playing Jericho, a really horrible person who has a spy's (Ryan Reynold's) memories dumped into his head as a way to find out where Ryan Reynold's Bill Pope spy character stashed a hacker before that hacker's tools can be captured by an anarchist who wants to tear down all the world's governments. What makes the story interesting is that Jericho, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at a young age and never developed any sense of right or wrong or consequences from his actions, is now bombarded by Bill Pope's morality and empathy and love and also his kick-ass spy skills.

I found it an entertaining, though predictable trip, and it did bring me to tears in a few places. It leaves out the more complex questions of what it means to have someone else's memories in your head, but I wasn't really wanting for more. It was just enough to see Jericho go from a criminal with nothing, to kind of a hero with something to fight for. Be aware, the movie does earn its R rating for graphic brutal violence.