The Divergent Series: Allegiant

The Divergent Series: Allegiant ticketstubThe third installment in the Divergent series picks up with Tris and Four and the other divergents looking to escape Chicago to find what's outside the wall. Evelyn has stepped into the power vacuum left by the death of Jeanine and blocks anyone from going beyond the wall, but of course, that won't stop Tris and Four. Once outside the wall, they find The Pure, in their ivory tower, who run the giant genetic test that is Chicago. The Director, David, uses Tris to bolster his power, while obviously caring nothing for the rats in the experiment. Oddly, this movie seems much more about Four than Tris. Four smells something rotten in this place that has the facade of utopia, while Tris is too blinded by the idea that she's at the end of her quest for peace and freedom. Four does some investigating and turns up the truth, Tris doesn't want to hear it, that puts strain on their relationship... then shit goes down and they have to escape back to Chicago. I realize it seems like I'm spewing spoilers, but all of this is obvious and well telegraphed ahead of time. I don't see how anyone could not see everything coming at a distance.

So obviously I wasn't watching this for plot. I actually wanted to get a look at the art design around the buildings, vehicles, and the UI the computers use. That's my jam. There's a lot of good sterile design that I liked, but not enough diversity, I would say. There were only two or three types of flying vehicles, no new ground vehicles. The interface used in some of the computers in the city of The Pure was nice, but actually reminded me a lot of the UI in the video game The Division (the opening credits in particular).

I will say that I enjoyed myself at least a little, and it's good to see the series capped off. Unfortunately, there was nothing surprising about the plot, the writing wasn't interesting or inspiring, and it wasn't clear to me who the main character of this story was. I would think the focus would be on Tris, but instead we get mostly Four...and I'm fine with that, but it's confusing not knowing the narrative focus.