Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ticketstubLike its title, this movie is a bit of a mess, which isn't to say it isn't an entertaining mess. Batman is bent that Superman is a god with unchecked power, while freely admitting he himself is a vigilante criminal. Superman isn't sure if he's helping or hurting the people of Earth. Lex Luthor is the Joker? I mean, not really, but he's played as an insane mastermind who can't keep his train of thought on the tracks. There's a chance this movie is trying to get us to think about heroes and justice, but the internal contradictions get in the way.

The movie is entertaining, the action is intense and frenzied. Batman has his toys, Superman has speed and great hair. Lex has hair and insanity. We also get Wonder Woman and a brief introduction to the rest of the soon-to-be Justice League (which is probably where the sub-title comes from). This film is also dark. Seriously dark. Really f*cking dark. I'm not even sure Batman can exist in daylight, maybe he turns to ash when exposed to sunlight? Someone definitely looked at the Nolan Batman films and said "this needs more darkness!" I do like that Batman is kind of being a detective, but he's also being mislead by Lex, and you have to wonder how the world's best detective could let that happen.

I suppose I didn't hate the movie, I still enjoyed myself, but I am sure that time will not treat this movie well. All I can hope for is that the Justice League movie at least features daylight.