Anomalisa ticketstubAnomalisa is a peculiar and completely ordinary story about a middle-aged man completely bored with his life who discovers the one voice in the cacophony of sameness that is different. I would call it ordinary because we have all or will all, at some point, feel this boredom with our lives. The daily routine of work and family. You can't tell one person from another as everything blends together. Peculiar because this movie is filmed in stop-motion with puppets, and everyone the main character Michael Stone sees has exactly the same face and voice. Men, women, children, they're all the same. That is, except for Lisa, whom he discovers in a hotel while traveling to speak at a customer service convention.

Lisa has her own unique face and, more importantly, her own voice, and Michael must know her. Must meet this person who stands out. As a viewer, I am confronted with these conflicted feelings around Michael's affair. I can relate to the mundanity of his life and that sense of exhilaration when one finds that thing that is different, the seasoning that makes life interesting. But I am also judging Michael for having an affair or even for committing himself to a dead marriage. This movie is intriguing in its presentation of the completely ordinary mashed together with an almost nightmarish world where everyone is the same. Complex insights into life and relationships thread throughout the film in ways that are moving, and sometimes difficult to confront.