Passengers ticketstubAn accident on-board an interstellar colony ship causes mechanic Jim to be awakened from hibernation. In a fit of lonely desperation, Jim awakens another passenger and things sorta get complicated. This is a pretty simple plot involving the ethical questions around deciding the fate of another person to satisfy your own interests. This is not an action-packed adventure, it's largely just Jim by himself, accompanied only by the android that tends bar. The addition of Aurora introduces the romantic story, but otherwise we're simply watching these two characters go on dates. The last act involves problems with the ship and that feels more like a big action-ey adventure, but in the end, that's not the point.

I won't say I had a problem with this movie's slow burn, it's vitally important to understanding these two characters and what their hopes and dreams were before their lives took a turn. Chris Pratt is funny and charming and Jennifer Lawrence brings the emotions, but I could have used a little something more to juice the interaction between the characters. I really loved the art direction, the ship was clearly very advanced technology, but it was also clearly recognizable as a cruise ship. For example, in order to do anything on a cruise ship, you have to show or swipe your ID badge, in Passengers, this was replaced by a wrist band. Even in the far future you still need the Gold Package to get the good meals.

Perhaps my issue is that there isn't any antagonist. The only enemy here is loneliness and the drive for human interaction, everything else is just a giant overblown case of life problems that are out of the protagonists' control that they have to deal with. It's a fine movie, but it's not exceptional.