The Edge of Seventeen

The Edge of Seventeen ticketstubHigh school girls dealing with high school issues is a common theme in movies, so when it comes to differentiating the good from the bad, I think it's either about humor or sincerity, and The Edge of Seventeen has both. While they don't use the term, I would say the character Nadine is a solid introvert. She has a small number of good friends (or just the one friend) and does not manage well in crowds, but does better one-on-one. She sees herself as the outsider, as weird and awkward and doomed. She doesn't believe she has anything to offer the world. To top it off, her only friend starts dating her perfect brother leaving her feeling betrayed and alone. I don't think I'm alone in being able to identify with that. Many high school dramedies utilize over-the-top scenarios to build humor around, while this movie's humor comes from some pretty real situations and snappy dialog that feels appropriate for the age of the characters (both the teenagers and the adults). I really enjoyed Nadine's progression and the realizations her behavior bring about, as well as the characters who float in her orbit. I particularly liked Woody Harrelson as her history teacher and Hayden Szeto as Erwin, the awkward classmate who seems to have a crush on Nadine. My only criticism may be the same issue I have with just about any major movie, all the characters are so darned good looking! It's difficult for me to buy into the suggestion that no one notices Nadine or Erwin given they're not at all subtle attractiveness. The R rating seems to be mostly for language and a little bit of sexual situations, but nothing graphic. I'd say if you like these sorts of high school movies with well written and very not perfect characters, then you'll probably enjoy The Edge of Seventeen.