Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ticketstubDoctor Strange is a brilliant and egotistical, pompous, know-it-all (literally) brain surgeon who, through his own carelessness, had his hands severely damaged in an accident. When modern medical science fails him, he searches for a more spiritual solution, and through this, gets introduced to the world of sorcerers. So yeah, another origin story. Are you excited? The main story is about a bad guy who wants to hand the earth over to some extra-dimensional god in exchange for eternal life, but the sorcerers, like Strange, are here to stop such mystical events. The movie is populated by entertaining fight sequences that feature (finally) more than just kicking and punching, there's the element of magic and spells to make it all a bit more interesting than what we've gotten used to seeing. I think it works well and I found the fights entertaining and one sequence involving time moving backwards to be particularly fresh and interesting. Beyond that, I thought the movie was a little on the shallow side, lacking meaningful relationships, and in the end, after all of Strange's learnings, he still ends up a bit of a pompous ass, but now he's saving the world!

I haven't read the comics, so I don't know how much has been altered from the source material and I can't comment on some concerns with the character whitewashing that happened. I didn't find it too distracting and there was still a fair bit of diversity in the cast, but those who know the comics might find the changes distracting (whatever they were).