Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road ticketstubI should first explain that Fury Road is not a reboot or retelling of the original Mad Max story. Instead, this movie follows Max in one of his adventures in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Australia. For the most part, Fury Road is a chase sequence. Or, more precisely, several chase sequences, but that's pretty much it, and that is definitely not a bad thing. The story is tight (though there isn't much), characterization is interesting and conveyed mostly with actions and very few words. The action is incredible and mostly practical with very little CG. I can't comprehend everything that must have gone into filming these scenes and keeping the actors and crew safe, that alone is a noteworthy feat. While there is graphic violence, the disturbing scenes are rare and brief. Language isn't bad, in fact, I can't remember any swearing. It's intense and fun and filled to the brim with technically mind-blowing action sequences. There are even several emotional scenes that round out the experience to make it feel like a complete journey. I loved it, I think you will too.