Day 4

Today was pretty wonderful in its simplicity. I slept in (by my standards) till 10:00 and joined the others as we all messed around on our respective computers for a couple hours. We had a light lunch and then hopped on some bikes and headed out in search of the country. I should probably note that I haven't been on a bike in 15 or so years, so I wasn't really sure how this whole endeavor would go. (Spoiler, it went pretty well.)

I will say that the way cars and bikes and mopeds and motorcycles mix here really makes me nervous. I realize it's safe, but it also takes a certain level of confidence and an aggressive approach to biking to make it through. I think I adapted fairly well. I can't really describe where we went (I don't know names or anything), but we rode through some residential areas and along a canal and over to a large wild field that I took a few pictures in.Field

We rode past that and went through a pretty little village or two. At one point we biked along this path:Another field

Which looked out over this field:Same big field

We also biked through a bunch of farm land, which reminded me exactly what farms smell like. In some ways it's a really not pleasant smell, but it's also really earthy and... How can I explain this. Biking around outside on a bright day with a perfect temperature and a perfect cool breeze blowing and amazing (and flat) country all around... it's what makes perfect vacations. The only stress was fear of being run over and from what I'm told, that doesn't happen (and a little adrenaline now and then is good anyway). In the end, the trip was approximately 14.7 miles which is about double the trip we had planned to make, but I didn't care. I wasn't tired at all, though my butt and hands hurt and it was all just so wonderful. (Is that enough gushing?)

Once we got home I dozed a little while Sander was on the computer and Verena was reading. Then we all got our computers and did that for a bit. Then Sander and Verena presented a wonderful dinner of homemade tacos and guacamole and conversation that frequently involved teasing me. After dinner, Sander and I played a board game in which he beat me, but I think I put up a decent fight, at least.

Tomorrow begins our adventure into Belgium. I have no idea whether I will have any sort of Internet access, so my posts may stop until Sunday night or possibly not anything until I return home.

Other photos taken today.


Re: Day 4

I love little cities where you can bike a few miles out into the country. I feel like there are so many of these in europe.

beautiful shots. also loving your commentary.

Re: Day 4

Thanks, I'm having a lot of fun with it. :)