Monday, August 26 - Arrival

The flight went smoothly enough and I managed to doze for a bit during lights out. We actually arrived about 20 minutes ahead of schedule, but I'm not sure that made much difference to my plans. After getting through passport control and picking up my checked bag, I tried using the train ticketing kiosk only to discover that my credit card won't work there. Apparently they only take chipped (smart) cards. Pay in cash it is. I am now on the the train to Groningen, struggling to stay awake. My only other note is how beautiful it is outside. I haven't actually experienced the outside for myself yet, but the sky is clear and it should be in the low 60s. I'll take it. My next concern is that I will likely arrive in Groningen long before I can check in to the hotel. I might have to find some way to occupy myself. If I can't check in, I am hoping the hotel might at least hold my bags until I can.

I wrote that first paragraph on the train. I did manage to successfully make it off the train and transform my bag into a backpack, which really screwed up my balance, but helped a lot in walking to the hotel. It really is amazing outside. The last time I was in The Netherlands, it was cold and rainy (it was February, though), so this is a pretty wonderful improvement. When I got to the hotel I was told the room had been cleaned, so I would be able to check in. I got up to my room, dropped my bag, used the bathroom, and broke out the laptop. It's about noon local time, but of course, 6am for my jetlagged body. I probably need to find food. That doesn't even seem like a plan, more a notion. I don't know what I'm going to do once I have food.


Re: Monday, August 26 - Arrival

Yay Netherlands! So happy for you you have excellent weather this time of year.

Re: Monday, August 26 - Arrival

The weather is soooo amazing here right now. :D