Exploration, check!

Hotel ViewHotel ViewAfter checking in I took a couple shots out the window of my room. Not a bad view at all. I then left the hotel with an initial mission to find and consume food, and a secondary mission to explore.

At first, food options are difficult to come by till you move in toward the city center. The first food place I saw was a Subway, and walked right past that and across the street to a pleasant little cafe called Lobo where I got some tomato basil soup and a delicious Mediterranean chicken panini. The soup was different from what I was expecting, much more tomato not at all creamy. The panini was tasty, but best of all, the bread was amazing. The soup also came with a large roll sliced up that was a hearty and rich brown bread. I only had one piece of that (full from all the other stuff I just ate) but still noteworthy. From there I walked off in the direction of the Grote Markt, which is basically a large square with shops and food trucks and such.

Just to the west of the square is the church who's steeple you can see in my first picture out of my room window. Here's a better shot. Sort of.Aa kerk

From there I walked on in search of a park I had seen on a map called (I think)
Noorderplantsoen. I found it.NoorderplantsoenI realize as I came upon the park that I can't remember the last time I saw a willow tree, and this park had several of them, hanging casually over the water, dripping their branches down to the surface... there's something inherently calming about that visual. I walked around the park as best I could, often impeded by a tear down of a festival that, I assume, just ended recently. There were stages and tents coming down, trucks parked on the paths, it was chaotic, but also not that overwhelming as there wasn't actually all that much activity. I eventually walked back to the area of the park I originally entered from and parked my butt on a slight hill so I could watch the water and the people lying out in front of me or just walking and biking by. I should say that there are a lot of young and attractive people here. That might have something to do with the multiple universities in this town. There were young women sun bathing and/or reading. There were guys who would come by with drinks (beers?) and take off their shirts and smoke and talk loudly. There were a couple of girls sitting off to my left who were speaking English, but I couldn't sort their conversation out of everything else that was going on. I think I was there for a little over an hour. Part of the reason I was there so long was the trouble I was having trying to decide on the next plan. The problem is, I am incredibly tired and pretty much just want to find my bed and crash... except I can't do that if I want to overcome the jetlag. I also have to think about what I'm going to do for dinner. These missions are incongruous. While I can just walk around and kill time, there isn't a lot to actually DO here, and because I'm here alone, there's no one to talk to but myself and the only thing the voices in my head are saying are things like "SLEEP NOW" and "oooh... she's pretty!" The voices are no help.

So, while walking around I accidentally ended up back at the hotel and decided to take the opportunity to kill some time writing this up. Still don't know what I'll be doing next.

Re: Exploration, check!

My plans would be as follows:

- Locate bakery
- Purchase all the breads
- Locate pub
- Purchase all the beers
- Consume all the breads and all the beers
- Repeat and/or pass out

Understandably, this plan doesn't appeal to everybody.

Have fun, I'll be watching! (So that's an order.)

Re: Exploration, check!

You know what there is a LOT of here? Ice cream, gelato, and other frozen treats. LOTS. I haven't tried any of it. Maybe I should at least try that before I have to leave tomorrow. Lots of pubs, too, but they looked closed when I was walking around. I expect that's more a night thing... and possibly not so big on Monday nights.

Still, I like the way you think.