The Way, Way Back

The Way, Way Back ticketstubThe Way, Way Back follows 14 year old Duncan and his Mom along with his Mom's boyfriend and his daughter as they try to function as a family for the summer at a beach house. Like most at that age, Duncan doesn't really know who he is or where he's going. Up till now, he's probably just gone in whichever direction he's been pushed, but he's at a point where he's being pushed too far by this annoying man trying to shove his way into his already broken family. Duncan escapes by spending his days at a nearby water park, owned by Owen, a man-child in his own way, who dispenses wisdom sprinkled within rapid fire comedy "bits" that inexperienced Duncan generally fails to comprehend.

Really, this summary isn't necessary. It all comes down to one simple question, have you ever been a teenager? If yes, then you should go see this movie. Bring some tissues and have fun.