Gravity ticketstubTalking to someone who had only seen trailers of Gravity, he described it as "two people floating around in space, sounds boring." And I am here to tell you it is anything but boring. At its core, I feel like this movie is about the drive to survive and understanding why you want to survive. It's intense and it's heartbreaking. I probably should have brought tissues, because this movie makes it very hard not to cry. My buddy was correct that the entire cast is basically just Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's characters, but they carry it so well. Bullock is amazing and I could listen to Clooney read the ingredients off cereal boxes and still think it's the most amazing thing ever created. I did see it in IMAX 3D and while it did cost me $19(!!!) it was completely worth it to be enveloped by the scenery and action. What I think is particularly noteworthy about how this movie was filmed is how much effort went into showing the audience what it's like in one of those space suits, floating in space. You think you could grab on to the hull of a space station in zero gravity? Here, let me show you how hard that actually is... Those first person sequences were amazing. Go and see this movie.