Robot Love Stories

I came across two robot love stories yesterday, both of which were adorable. The first is a short film by director Spike Jonze, who recently directed Where the Wild Things Are. The film is called I'm Here and tracks a familiar love story between two humanoid robots in Los Angeles, but with a twist that kind of reminds me of The Giving Tree. It's about 30-35 minutes long and I highly recommend it. There's also a trailer if you'd like to get a feel for it before diving in.

I also have a little music video by one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, Meekakitty called Don't Unplug Me by the All Caps. And yes, I realize this song is entirely done in autotune and I have already declared my distaste for it, but... uh... They're robots! It makes sense! Or something...

Check'em out and coo at all the cuteness.