Why do I bother?

Help me out here, if I schedule an appointment with my GP for 9:45am, and he doesn't walk into the exam room till a little after 11:00am, why did I go to the trouble of scheduling the appointment in the first place?
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Re: Why do I bother?

Did he at least give you a clean bill of health? :p

Glad your car stuff was resolved... somewhat. I can't believe it's going to cost that much to have it all fixed. :(

Is there anything fun going on in your area near the end of the month? Nate and I are going to the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds show in Baltimore and so he ended up taking vacation for a few days; he wants to spend some time in nova, but I'm not sure what we'll end up doing, so I figured I'd ask you for suggestions since you're much more familiar with the area. :)
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Re: Why do I bother?

I'm being referred to a neurologist! Whee! I hope I'm finally on my way to getting some answers...

The work on the car is all done and paid for. I'm thinking that might be the largest single charge I've ever put on my credit card.

Hmm... I'm not real sure what might be going on, depends somewhat on what you're looking to do. Maybe hit me up in email with more specific information like dates, where you'll be staying, and what you have in mind (parks, museums, concerts, shows, diners, whatever...)