Unfortunately, no stub for this movie. The kiosk printed the receipt, but neglected to print a ticket. That was about three and a half minutes before the movie sold out for a 7:15pm showing on a Saturday evening. The fact that this flick is still selling out a week after release should tell you something. This movie is good.

Actually, that's fairly typical of a Pixar movie, but Up definitely doesn't disappoint. I actually saw the "Disney 3D" version and it was quite nice. Like any 3D movie, the effect is fun for a few minutes, but your brain quickly adapts and while the action certainly feels more natural, you very quickly stop finding the visuals neat.

The story is pretty much pitch perfect and had me wondering what makes the folks at Pixar such geniuses compared to all the other production companies and directors and writers out there that get a hold of great concepts but consistently fail to construct worthwhile features. What made Up special to me was actually it's bittersweet application of tears. There are several very touching and, honestly, quite sad moments in the movie that I found surprising for a "kid's movie" and yet, quite effective at rounding out the overall experience. I only wish I had someone to hold hands with during a few of the more tearful scenes. The application of comedy was also effective and pleasantly humorous. Though there weren't many pop-culture references, there was a rather satisfying (and unexpected) Star Wars reference toward the end that gets doubly supported if you catch the companion reference in the closing sequence.

See the movie, it's worth it. Bring a date.


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Re: Up

Nate wants to go see this sometime, but I keep hearing that the first 15 minutes will most likely make me all teary so I think we might have to wait and Redbox this one. (Y'know, so I can cry safely in the privacy of my own home, complete with tissues and all?) Go see Drag Me to Hell so we can talk about that one. ;) Hope your car stuff is all straight now! <3
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Re: Up

I really like movies that make me all teary, as long as it doesn't feel cheap and manipulative. There's nothing wrong with showing a little vulnerability. :p

I heard an interview with Sam Raimi on Studio 360 yesterday about Drag Me to Hell. I don't think it interests me at all. I can't even describe why, but somehow it hasn't captured my interest.

Yeah, I should post an update about the car stuff...