FOX Ends Dollhouse Somewhat Prematurely

As if it's any surprise at all, FOX has decided not to air the Dollhouse finale. To be clear, the episode they will be airing as final is the ending Joss had wanted with closure, but not a true ending to the whole thing. Plus, the final episode features both Felicia Day and Alan Tudyk.

Seriously, FOX can fucking taste it.
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Re: FOX Ends Dollhouse Somewhat Prematurely

I only watched one episode, the first one. I really couldn't get into it. I'm sorry to see it end though. These days I tend to wait and watch a bunch of episodes at once. Guess it will be easier to watch the whole run of Dollhouse in one sitting now, haha.
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It gets better...

The first episode really was pretty weak, but it started getting pretty good after the second and third episodes. You're definitely not in the minority, most have tuned out after the first episode. Now that I'm many episodes in, it really has gotten pretty satisfying. I actually feel like the weakest link consistently is Eliza Dushku. While nice to look out, I just don't feel like sh ecan pull it all off consistently.