AdventurelandA warm hearted feel-good R-rated summer romantic comedy featuring young people (well, early 20's) drinking, smoking lots of weed, and trying to enjoy the worst summer job ever. It was excellent. The plot was predictable, but I never cared, I just wanted to watch these interesting characters doing things.

So here's my gripe about this movie and other movies like it. You've got this intelligent, kind of awkward nerdy guy who clearly isn't so great with the ladies, and yet... Really attractive edgy girl mysteriously falls for him. I love watching those sorts of things happen because it makes me believe it's possible, but it's kind of like believing in Santa Claus (sorry kids)... This shit just doesn't happen.


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This was by the guy who did Superbad right? I didn't enjoy that one too much, I wonder if I'd like this one any more.
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This one is a lot mellower, not nearly as raunchy, more sweet, but still juvenile. But then, I did love Superbad, so...