Sci-Fi Channel is Changing Its Name

Sci Fi Wire is reporting that the Sci-Fi Channel is changing its name and rebranding itself to: "SyFy" with the tagline "Imagine Greater." I am having a difficult time formulating a balanced response. Not because I hate it, I do understand the motivation and reasoning behind the change, but the name... While phonetically identical to "sci-fi", the word "SyFy" looks like the name of some goofy childrens' toy like silly putty or something. I guess it just seems a lot more difficult to take it seriously, you know?

As of this posting there are something like 675 comments in that linked thread and it looks like all of them are negative. Awesome.

What's more, I can feel a certain kinship with the SyFy folks as my company is also going through a rebranding process (no name changes, though). It always feels like some marketing/ad/branding company is getting tons of cash to come up with something that retarded neighbor kid could have barfed up for free.