Now that I'm back I've made a few improvements and hopefully, bug fixes. The two biggies are the removal of all "admin" links. You should now only see these links if you have access to see them. Second, there are now links at the bottom of each article that will link to either the comments already posted in that article, or to the post comments form. That should hopefully reduce some of the confusion people have expressed when trying to find out how/where to comment. I have also un-nested the comments. They should now display in a sort of threaded mode. I don't know if this really "works" yet, so hopefully some of you can provide some feedback on this (assuming there are comments posted to actually get a feel for it).

Finally, I think and hope I have fixed the bug that was preventing people from commenting. Thanks Trish!
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Re: Improvements?

Testing the comments now.
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Re: Improvements?

Seems to be working. :)