Major preparations completed...

I'm sitting here guzzling strawberry milk, because I needed to find some way to finish up the remaining milk before leaving and I had this old packet of strawberry flavored "Instant Breakfast" in the pantry, so... Yeah, there's a reason that packet has been sitting there for four years...

The packing is done and it's pretty tight. My hope was to do it all without needing to check any baggage and I think I've managed that. I'll be leaving here in about 45 minutes and heading over to my father's to get a ride to the airport.

People keep assuming I'm excited, but all I can think about now is all the stress and complexity of checking in at the airport and going through security and then waiting for boarding (why is waiting so stressful?) and then the actual flight and having to deal with the connecting flight and... Obviously I'm thinking too much, but it's a lot to think about! I'm also tired and that's just going to make it tougher to think clearly and keep a positive attitude. Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly! *chug*

Seriously, strawberry milk should be banned under some sweeping international accord.

I expect my next communication won't be until I get somewhere with public 'net access. Maybe I'll have a picture by then?